Bayou City Exploration is engaged in the upstream activities of acquiring, exploring,developing, and producing oil and natural gas. 

Cutting Edge Science Leads
The Way

By utilizing industry leading 3D seismic image processing and geophysical data processing technologies, Bayou City Exploration’s industry partners bring a thorough understanding of the subsurface to the company. Therefore, exploration risks decrease, and the probability of drilling commercially successful wells in known producing fields is significantly increased.

Lower Drilling Costs

Innovations in gas and oil exploration and production technologies and techniques enable the industry to target higher-quality prospects and improve success rates by as much as 50 percent or more.

More Precise Locations

Satellites, microprocessors, remote sensing, 3-D seismic and 4-D time-lapse imaging of subsurface reservoirs and formations give geologists many new ways to view what is present below the earth.


Drilling and completion technology has advanced from gravity-driven cable tools in vertical wells to top-drive rotary rigs, coiled tubing units, advanced drilling fluids, and systems that monitor well bore conditions in real time.

Reserve Expansion

Advanced technologies have helped to literally redefine reserves, with estimates of natural gas reserves alone three to five time greater than they were 30 years ago.

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About Us


54, a director, President, Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer of the Managing General Partner. Mr. Larkin earned a B.A. Degree from Michigan State University in Accounting in 1981, an MBA Degree from Michigan State University in Operations Management in 1989 and an Executive MBA from the University of New Hampshire in International Business in 1997. Mr. Larkin also passed the CPA exam in May 1982 and was granted a CPA license in May 1982 in the State of Florida. Prior to joining Bayou City Exploration, Mr. Larkin served as President and CEO of Blue Ridge Group, Inc. from 2010 through September of 2013 after working as a consultant from 2008 to 2010. He joined Blue Ridge following 10 years as President & CEO of Sensus Precision Die Casting, Inc. and President, CEO and Chairman of the Board Sensus Rongtai (Yangzhou) Precision Die Casting, Ltd. (a Chinese subsidiary of Sensus Precision Die Casting, Inc.). Mr. Larkin spent a total of 21 years with Sensus Metering Systems, Inc. (parent company to Sensus Precision Die Casting, Inc.) in positions ranging from Controller & CFO of one of their divisions (for seven years), to Vice President of Operations (for four years) then finally with Sensus Precision Die Casting Company as their President and CEO. Mr. Larkin brings the experience associated with managing multinational manufacturing operations to the oil and gas business. Oil exploration is a manufacturing process in itself requiring management of third party vendors, schedule maintenance, and constant tracking of well costs. Trained as a CPA, Mr. Larkin evaluates each drilling prospect’s economic value based on existing commodity prices and the estimated cost of drilling, completing and producing each well. He oversees drilling contractors, engineers and consulting geologists in each project. Beyond the science and technology in the field, Bayou City is a multifaceted business enterprise requiring executive leadership and asset management. Mr. Larkin’s professional achievement and lifetime of experience make him uniquely suited to lead a growing exploration company. 


Bayou City Exploration, Inc. is an oil and gas exploration company with operations in the Gulf Coast area of Texas, Louisiana and the Illinois Basin. Our objective is to build a balanced portfolio of productive oil and gas properties providing growth opportunities to our investing partners and to our company. Tax incentives notwithstanding, direct participation in oil and gas drilling projects is not a fit for the risk averse investor. The principals of Bayou City have participated in drilling projects from Texas to Montana and many places in between. Like many others in this industry we have experienced the swings in oil and gas prices, lived through the disappointment of dry holes and watched technology advance to open old fields to new production.

Bayou City partnerships purchase interests in exploratory wells and/or oil and gas producing properties with undrilled reserves. These partnerships then assume the associated drilling costs in exchange for partnership units representing a portion of the working interest derived from the wells they finance. As the Managing General Partner for these partnerships, Bayou City maintains a partnership interest or a working interest position outside of the partnership in each program. We pay our proportionate share of the actual cost of drilling, testing and completing the project well or wells and subsequent operating expenses to the extent that we retain a portion of the working interest.


50, serves as Senior Vice President and Corporate Counsel of the Managing General Partner. Mr. Creed holds degrees from Westminster College and the University of Arkansas School of Law. In November 2007, Mr. Creed accepted the position of Senior Vice President of Blue Ridge Group, Inc. in Bowling Green, Kentucky. While with Blue Ridge, Mr. Creed established the first “Opportunity Fund” in 2008 to purchase performing residential mortgage loans at significant discounts. He was instrumental in developing a hybrid investment strategy wherein mortgage loan funds were paired with drilling projects to serve as a hedge against dry holes. He continues to serve as portfolio manager for all Funds and has been responsible for the purchase of approximately 27 million dollars in performing loans to date. He remained with Blue Ridge until September of 2013 when he resigned to accept the Senior Vice President and Corporate Counsel position at Bayou City Exploration, Inc. where he also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. His responsibilities at Bayou City include reviewing Joint Operating Agreements, Participation Agreements, vendor contracts, assignments of well interests, and pooling agreements. Mr. Creed manages all outside counsel in drafting offering documents for company sponsored drilling programs and oversees all securities filings. He works with all oil services contractors and outside professionals to ensure proper coordination and timely delivery of services. While with Bayou City, Mr. Creed has completed continuing education courses in Securities Law, Petroleum Geology, Exploration, Drilling and Production. 

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